5. Inserting and Editing Images

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Images can add a lot of flair to a presentation. However, they can be a little tricky to edit, particularly cropping. Here I show you how to edit bio photos to fit in our organisation chart.


Edit / Check the size of an object

1 Right-click on the object
2 Go to Size and Position

Inserting images

1 Go to Insert tab on ribbon
2 Click Picture

Editing images

If you need to change the dimensions of an image, cropping is the best method:
1 Select the image
2 Click crop tool in quick access toolbar
3 Adjust the crop handles so that the image is almost a square
4 Right-click on the image and select Size and Position
5 Select Crop on the lefthand side and adjust the crop position height

Note: When changing the size of an image, make sure to lock the aspect ratio so that the image dimensions are not altered


In the previous lesson, we created five boxes that will hold the photographs for each person in our organization chart. In this lesson, we will learn how to insert and edit photographs in PowerPoint, so that they fit neatly inside these boxes.

Before we insert any images into PowerPoint, let's first decide what size we'd like the photographs to be. I think photographs looks well in the shape of a square. So, I'm going to create a square by clicking on the rectangle in the Drawing part of the ribbon, holding Shift, and dragging to create a square.

I now want to test out how this square fits inside of one of my rectangles. Let's do this with the CEO box. So, I'll drag the square by holding Shift into the CEO box, move it up towards the top, and then I'll align center by selecting the two objects and clicking Align Center.

That looks pretty good. I think that square works very well.

Let's now check the dimensions of the square, so let's select the object, right-click, and go to Size and Position.

This tells us that the height and width of the square is 4.12 centimeters. All of our photographs will have to be adjusted to this size to fit inside our boxes. Let's now close this window, create a new slide, and insert out first image.

Can click Insert in the tab, click Picture.

Let's select one image, and click Insert.

We can immediately see a problem with this image. It's in the shape of a rectangle, and we need a square. There are two ways to convert this image to a square. The first is to automatically adjust the dimensions of the current image, and the second is to crop this image. Let's quickly try and adjust the dimensions for the image to fit in a square. To do this, right-click on the picture, and go to Size and Position.

Untick these two checkboxes, and select 4.12 for height, and 4.12 for width.

Unfortunately, this has squashed our image into the square and really won't do, so we're going to have to crop this image to get the person to fit in our org chart. Let's undo this action by pressing Control + Z twice to return to our previous image.

To crop this image, first select it, then click the Crop tool in the Quick Access toolbar. This creates a series of handles that we can use to crop our image. I'm going to crop from the top and from the bottom to create our square. From the top, I'm going to drag down just below the person's head, and from the bottom, I'm going to push up, so that it's almost a square.

Let's now right-click on the image, and go to Size and Position, and select the Crop tab, which is on the right of the pane. Let's set the width and the height to 7.23. Let's adjust the height to 7.23 as well, let's close, and this creates a square image. Exactly what we want. Now, we need to reduce this to fit into the 4.12 by 4.12 box. Let's right-click, let's go to Size and Position, let's click Lock aspect ratio and Relative to original picture size.

Let's change the height to 4.12, the width to 4.12, let's close, and now we have the perfect image for our org chart.

That was quite a complex process, so I'm going to repeat it again for another image. Let's go to Insert, Picture, and select another image, and we'll insert.

Let's now select the cropping tool.

Let's push up from the bottom because there isn't a lot of space at the top, so that it's almost a square.

Let's now right-click Size and Position, click Crop.

Let's set the width and height equal to the same value. To crop the remaining height from the image, let's just make the height 7.23 as well, close, and we now have a perfect square for our second image. To make sure it's the right size, right-click, go to Size and Position, make the height 4.12, the width 4.12, make sure the Lock aspect ratio and Relative to original picture size are ticked, close, and now we have a second image that will fit in our org chart. I'll do one more by inserting another picture.

Let's select the COO this time, let's insert, and this picture almost looks like it's a square already, so let's right-click just to check it, and it's 8.13 by 8.13, so there's no need to crop this image. Let's just go to Size and Position, and because the Lock aspect ratio and the Relative to original picture size are ticked, we can just adjust the height, 4.12, and the width is 4.12, and this image is also ready.

The last two images can be adjusted in the exact same way, leaving the following five images ready for our org chart.

In the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to add these images to our org chart and complete our slide.

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