6. Completing the Org Chart

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We complete our org chart in this lesson by inserting our images into their containers. This will put our alignment and distribution skills to the test.


Entering text in a shape

- Text won't appear if the background colour and text colour is the same
- To solve this problem, simply select the shape and then change font colour
- Align text in a box by clicking the Align Text dropdown in the Home tab of the ribbon

Elbow connectors

- Elbow connectors can be accessed in the quick access toolbar
- Hover the cursor over the midpoint of an object until a red circle appears
- This means the elbow connector is now attached to the image
- Drag the elbow connector until the red circle appears on the second object

Useful keyboard shortcuts

CTRL + X: Cut selected objects
CTRL + V: Paste selected objects


In the last lesson, we resized five images for our org chart.

In this lesson, we'll create our organization chart using these five resized images.

Let's now select these five images, we'll cut with Ctrl+X, we'll go back to our original page, and paste with Ctrl+V.

I have some manipulation to do before I add the images. So let's stack them on top of each other by aligning top, and aligning right.

Let's start by removing the blue place holder.

And next, we'll ungroup the four boxes.

We'll now add text to each box. The person's name, and their title. So I'll select this box and start typing.

Now I can't see the text because the text in each of the boxes is white and the background is white. So to fix this, let's select all of the boxes, and change the color to blue.

And now I can see the text.

So I'll finish typing his name, skip a line with Return, and add his title. To move this text to the bottom of the box I'll simply go to Align Text and select Bottom.

I'll do this for the next box, and again, move the text to the bottom of the box.

To save some time, I'll complete this for the remaining three boxes off camera. I now have the text completed for each box on my org chart. Now let's start adding the photographs. We'll start with John Dent on the right, So I'll select the photograph and bring it into the box.

Let's select both the box and the photograph, and align object center.

That looks pretty good. Next, I'll take Nikki Gordon.

Select both her and the box and align object center.

Next I'll take Alex Hall, align center with his box.

And I'll complete once more for John McDuff, align center.

Once we have a box complete, let's group the photograph with the box, to avoid any errors when we're moving around objects.

So I'll group John McDuff, Nikki Gordon, Alex Hall, and John Dent.

The last box to fix is the CEO. So I'll align the photo with the box.

And now I need to make sure that the position of the photo is in line with the position of the photo for the senior management team. So I'll take John McDuff and align top with the CEO.

I'll then ungroup to isolate the photograph. Select both photographs and align top.

And now the CEO's photograph is in the correct position.

Let's group John McDuff again and align bottom with another box.

To recenter the CEO box, let's group the senior management team.

Let's select all of the objects and align center.

We can add elbow connectors to this diagram. Let's first move the senior management team down a little from the CEO, and ungroup.

Next we'll select an elbow connector, and we'll join from the red handle at the bottom of the CEO box to the top of each person.

Let's select all the elbow connectors, we'll thicken them and we'll also change their color to the same color as the rim of each object.

Let's add a title to this slide and do a quick alignment check. So we'll select all of the objects, we'll View, Guides, and we can see that we're more or less in the center.

As an exercise, try to recreate this chart with five images downloaded from the web. Each cropped successfully so that they fit neatly into each box the the organization chart.

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