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The Power BI Online Service

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In this lesson, we’ll introduce the Power BI service. We’ll discuss the main functions of the service, and outline the course. Finally, we’ll upload a dataset from Power BI Desktop to the service.


  1. Capabilities of the Online Service (00:23)

    The Power BI online service is a cloud-based service letting you obtain insights from data. Officially, it’s just called Power BI, but we generally refer to it as the Power BI online service to avoid confusion with the overall family of products.

    The main functions of the online service are creating dashboards, obtaining insights from those dashboards, and sharing those dashboards and insights throughout your company. Some other functions, such as creating reports, are available in Power BI Desktop and the online service.

  2. Course Overview (01:29)

    This course is divided into three areas:

    1. Import data to the online service and create a dashboard

    2. Analyze a dashboard and obtain insights from it

    3. Learn how to share content and collaborate with others

  3. Updates and New Features (01:58)

    The online service receives frequent updates, but these updates do not follow a clearly defined schedule. These updates can sometimes introduce new features which replace existing features. As a result, you should be willing to adopt new features if you intend to use the online service frequently.

  4. Uploading a Report to the Online Service (02:41)

    We can easily upload a report from Power BI Desktop to the online service.

    To do this, we need to have an account for the online service.

    To upload a report, we open it in Power BI Desktop, then select Upload from the Home tab.

    We select the relevant workspace, and the report will be uploaded.

    We can then view the report in the online service.


The Power BI Online Service


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