1. Publishing to the Online Service

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The Power BI Online Service

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In this lesson, we’ll introduce the Power BI service. We’ll discuss the main functions of the service, and outline the course. Finally, we’ll upload a dataset from Power BI Desktop to the service.


Functions of the Power BI service

  • The Power BI service is used for three main purposes:
  • Create dashboards
  • Obtain insights
  • Share dashboards and content

Create dashboards

  • Dashboards can be created in the service by pinning visuals from reports
  • We can publish data from Power BI Desktop or Get Data directly in the service
  • Multiple reports can provide data for a single dashboard

Obtain insights

  • Natural Language Q&A answers your questions with charts and numbers
  • Quick Insights scans a dataset and automatically generates charts that may be of interest
  • The Power BI Mobile app lets you view dashboards and reports on-the-go

Share dashboards and content

  • Dashboards can be shared with other people by email through the service
  • App workspaces let you create content in collaboration with others
  • Apps let you distribute that content across your organization

Power BI Updates

  • Power BI service updates do not necessarily follow a regular schedule
  • As a cloud service, updates are forced on users
  • Old features can be removed as part of the update process