1. Connecting to a Database

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Advanced Data Connections

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Databases are common in most businesses, but connecting to them can be more difficult than connecting to simple files. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to connect to a PostGreSQL database hosted online.


Overview of Databases

  • Previous courses have focused on connecting to Excel sheets, but more complex connections, like databases are common in business
  • In this course, we’ll see how to connect to a PostGreSQL database

Connecting to a PostGreSQL Database

  • Power BI Desktop lets you get data from a wide variety of data source, including a large number of databases
  • If you have not connected to a database before, you may need to download the program “ngpsql”, which is available here
  • This allows Power BI Desktop to connect to the PostGreSQL server
  • In order to connect to the database, you need to know the server, the database name, and you may also need a username and password