8. Adjusting Calendar Options

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Learn how to customize your calendar view to match your working days and hours as well as your national holidays.


Lesson Goal

Learn how to customize the look and layout of our calendars.

Customizing the work week

To start editing calendar options, click the File tab, select Options, and then navigate to Calendar section.

At the top we have options for adjusting the look of our calendar, including how the calendar represents the work week. We can check boxes next to days of the week to set them as work days and we can choose a start time and end time for our working hours.

We can choose which day we prefer as the first day in the week. And we can also choose what method determines the first week in the year. We can choose from starting the first week on January 1st, the first week of at least 4 days (i.e. the first week whose majority lies in the new year) or the first full week

Other calendar options

To start, we can choose the default appointment time. This is the assumed length of a new appointment before you set your own end date. Try to match this to your most common appointment length. By default it’s set to 30 minutes.

We can also set the default reminder time. This is also set to 30 minutes by default.

Below this we can check or uncheck a box to allow meeting invitees to propose a new time. Generally speaking it’s better to keep this checked. On the occasions that you don’t want them to propose a new time, you can make this clear in your invitation.

Finally, we can choose to add holidays. This is just a list of countries. Check the country whose holidays you live by. This will automatically place them in your calendar.


Managing Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks


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