1. Adding a Date Table

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When conducting time based analysis in Power Pivot, you need to use a date table. We will learn what date tables are, why they are needed and how to add them to Power Pivot.

Lesson Notes

Need for Date Tables

  • Often the date field in a dataset does not include every date between the first date and the last date
  • Power Pivot can only use dates that are in the data model
  • A date table contains every date between the start and end of the dataset

Adding a Date Table

  • Adding a date table and creating a relationship with the data model means that all the necessary dates are in the data model
  • Using the date field from the date table, time intelligence functions will work correctly
  • In Excel 2016, date tables can be added automatically

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt H, SA – Sort column in ascending order

Alt H, W – Open Diagram View

Alt H, D2 – Open data view