1. Course Overview

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Thinking and Communicating with Data

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This lesson introduces the course and outlines what will be covered in the coming lessons.

Lesson Notes

Data in Organizations

Data can bring value to modern companies, but there can be a disconnect between people in an organization who understand data and people who don’t. Data analysts may have good technical knowledge but might not understand the company as a whole. Non-data people may understand how the whole company works, but may struggle to get analysts to generate insights that meet their needs.

Course Outline

This course aims to bridge the gap between people who understand data and those who don’t, by introducing non-technical principles on how to think and communicate with data. It contains three main sections.

  1. Data in Organizations

  2. Example of a Data Project

  3. Good and Bad Practice With Data

Case Study

In this course, we study a technology company called OneWall. They’re aiming to use their app usage data to decide on what features they should add in the future.