1. Working with Alteryx and Tableau

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Combining Alteryx and Tableau: A Case Study

17 lessons , 3 exercises

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In many real-world scenarios, neither Alteryx nor Tableau alone will meet your business needs. In this lesson we’ll quickly run through the limits of these software packages and how they can be used together.


      Working with Alteryx and Tableau

  • Alteryx excels at manipulating raw data, but does not visualize data very well
  • Tools such as Tableau and PowerBI do a great job of visualizing data, but do not have the raw data manipulation power of Alteryx
  • Using both Alteryx and a data visualization tool such as Tableau is necessary in order to get the most out of your data.


Throughout our courses on Alteryx, we've gone through many examples of how it can be used to manipulate data and perform advanced statistical tasks. However, you may be wondering exactly how Alteryx fits into the broader business intelligence landscape. It might be easier to answer this question if we consider Alteryx' main limitation, data visualization. As we've seen in previous courses, Alteryx does have some build-in mapping functionality. However, beyond these maps, its visualization capabilities are extremely limited. If you need to create data visualizations or dashboards as part of your data analysis process, you'll need to use a different tool, such as Tableau or Power BI. While you can use these tools to create dynamic data visualizations, you'll generally need to parse, organize, and manipulate your raw data before it's ready to be visualized. As such, a data manipulation tool such as Alteryx, and a data visualization tool such as Tableau complement each other very well.

In this course, we'll look at how these tools can be used together through the lens of the marketing arm of an online retailer.

In the first several lessons, we'll lay the groundwork for the case and run through a crash course in online marketing.

We'll then use Alteryx to combine online marketing data from a variety of sources, such as Facebook and Google AdWords.

In the final segment of the course, we use that combined data set to create data visualizations and develop any insights on ad spend.

We'll start by setting up the case and running through the basics of online marketing in the next lesson.