1. Course Rationale

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Combining Tableau and Alteryx

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In many real-world scenarios, neither Alteryx nor Tableau alone will meet your business needs. In this lesson we’ll quickly run through the limits of these software packages and how they can be used together.


  1. Capabilities of Alteryx (00:04)

    The main strengths of Alteryx are its data manipulation and statistical analysis features. Its main limitation is data visualization. As a result, a data visualization tool like Tableau or Power BI can complement Alteryx effectively. We can use Alteryx to organize and manipulate our data before using Tableau or Power BI to visualize it.

  2. Course Structure (01:10)

    This course demonstrates how Alteryx and Tableau can be combined for the marketing arm of an online retailer. We start by introducing the case and learning about online marketing. Next we use Alteryx to combine online marketing data from various sources. Finally, we use this data in Tableau to create visualizations and develop insights.