1. Accessing Lesson and Exercise Files

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Getting Started in Alteryx

12 lessons , 4 exercises

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In this lesson, we'll quickly run through the different files that are associated with lessons and exercises throughout our Alteryx courses.


Note: Help when downloading our Alteryx files in Internet Explorer (IE)

  • If using IE, you may have difficulty downloading Alteryx files from our website
  • To ensure you can access our files in IE, please take the following steps:
    • Right-click on the download link
    • Select 'Save Target As'
    • Ensure that file type is 'Alteryx Workflow' and click 'Save'
  • Alternatively, you can also use another web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari) to download our files


  • There are three different types of files associated with lessons: before files, after files, and auxiliary files
  • Before files contain the workflow as it looks at the beginning of the lesson video
  • After files contain the workflow as it looks at the end of the lesson video
  • Auxiliary files are .csv or .xls files that contain the data that are manipulated through the Alteryx workflow
  • Note that some later lessons contain more than one auxiliary file


  • All exercises contain a challenge file, a solution file, and at least one auxiliary file
  • Challenge files are the contain instructions and give the user a change to practice what they have learned
  • Users should attempt the challenge files before watching the solution video, or opening the solution file
  • Solution files show the completed workflow for the exercise
  • Again, auxiliary files are .csv or .xls files that contain the data that are manipulated through the Alteryx workflow
  • Some exercises also have a Q&A file
    • The Q&A file contains a series of multiple choice questions for the user to answer based on the workflow completed in the challenge file
    • The Q&A offers hints for incorrect answers and alert users when all answers are correct
    • Note that Q&A files do not open automatically when users open the associated challenge file - users must manually open the Q&A file


Welcome to Kubicle's courses on Alteryx. Before we introduce the Alteryx interface, we wanna take you through a quick tutorial on how to use the associated files for lessons and exercises. As an example, we'll look at the files associated with lesson three, how to import and view data. As we view this lesson page, we can see links to several different files just below the video and above the show notes. If you wish to follow along on your own instance of Alteryx, start by downloading all the files available by simply clicking on the links. Note that the process for downloading Alteryx files is not as straightforward if you're using the Internet Explorer browser. If you click on the link, you'll get a page with details of the file instead of downloading the file. In this situation, you must instead right click on the link, click save target as, ensure that the file type is Alteryx workflow and click save.

Lessons come with a before file displaying the workflow at the start of the video, an after file displaying the workflow at the end of the video, and often at least one auxiliary file.

These auxiliary files are generally CSV or XLS files containing the data that we wish to manipulate. In each lesson, we'll import that data from these files to our workflow via the input data tool.

Each course also has at least two exercises.

We recommend that learners download and attempt the exercises before watching the solution video. As with the lessons, these exercise files can be downloaded from the links just below the video. There are two variants of exercises. For the first example, I'll look at exercise two. This exercise contains an exercise challenge file, an auxiliary file, and an exercise solution file. Users should start with a challenge file and follow the instructions. In many cases, you'll need to connect the auxiliary files with an import data tool or as in this case, adjust the current import data tool to point to the correct file location. For the second variant of exercises, we'll look at exercise three. We can see that it again contains a challenge file, solution file, auxiliary file, but also a Q and A file.

These are Alteryx applications that require users to answer multiple choice questions based on the workflow created in the exercise. Note that the Q and A won't open automatically when you open the challenge file. You'll need to manually open the file by double clicking it or selecting it through the Alteryx file menu. The Q and A files give you hints for incorrect answers and inform you when all answers are correct.

Now that you understand the different files associated with our Alteryx exercises and lessons as well as how to access them, you're ready to start learning.

Getting Started in Alteryx


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