3. Two Maps in One

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In certain instances, it can be helpful to have two levels of granularity showing on a single map. To accomplish this, we will combine a filled-map and a symbol-map on the same visualization.


Two maps in one

- To combine 2 maps, create both maps separately and then select dual axis
- The first map should be a filled map, sitting behind the symbol map
- The second map, containing symbols, should have a lower level of granularity


In previous lessons, we've created charts that combine a bar chart and a line chart into one view.

However, in this lesson, we're going to combine two maps in one, which is a little more difficult than you might think. In this example, we're going to combine a filled map, which color codes states revenue, and this will be overlaid with a symbol map where the size of the circle indicates the revenue from that company and the color indicates the sale's person. I'll start by creating a new sheet and I'll drag state onto the color code and I'll add all members and then in show me, I'll select a filled map and I'll color code this filled map with revenue.

And as I'm not interested in Alaska, I'll simply adjust the position of the primary states.

There we go. Now I want to overlay my symbol map on top and to do this, I simply drag latitude onto the rows shelf, create a second map and in this second map, I'll switch from filled to a circle.

And I'll switch the level of detail from state to zip code.

I'll also make sure that the sale's person is identified by color and the size of revenue is also included.

Now, I need to join the two maps and to do this, I hit the dropdown and dual access.

And now on my map, I have exactly what I need. I have state revenue color coded and a filled map and on top, I have a different level of granularity which is at company level that tells me revenue for a particular company and the sale's person.

This chart is particularly useful if I want to analyze two levels of granularity, state and company, at the same time. This can be important because total state revenue in a filled map can hide the reliance on a single big customer; for example, in Idaho.

This map, giving you both levels of granularity, can give you better insights which is always what we want from our Tableau workbooks.

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