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We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new advanced AI course to our growing library: Advanced Prompt Concepts. This course is designed specifically for organizations looking to leverage AI to stay competitive and innovative. In addition, we are introducing courses on Working with APIs and an important update to our Power BI courses, ensuring your team has the latest skills and knowledge in these key areas.

Advanced Prompt Concepts

Course Summary:

The recent expansion of Generative AI systems has nudged many to learn how to maximize their potential. Our Introduction to Prompt Engineering course equips you to do exactly that, guiding you to craft well-structured and effective prompts. In this advanced course, we take a step further, analyzing the interaction process between prompts and language models to generate and optimize prompt output.

Why This Course is Important:

Fine-tuning prompts is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of AI models. This course will empower your team to master techniques needed to control and optimize AI outputs, ensuring your organization gets the desired results from its AI systems.

This Course Enables Learners to:

  • Understand how language models process prompts.
  • Explain how large language models extract meaning and context.
  • Apply key prompt tuning techniques.
  • Control model output with token limits and parameters.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of prompt and model relationships.


Working with APIs

Course Summary:

The proliferation of APIs has led to the emergence of a thriving API economy. Businesses are increasingly turning to integrations to maximize the power of their platforms, streamline processes, and offer enhanced functionality. In this course, we’ll explore the basic tools required to leverage APIs in workflows and projects.

Why This Course is Important:

APIs are fundamental to modern business operations, enabling seamless integration and communication between different systems. This course will empower your team to utilize APIs effectively, enhancing your data projects and business processes.

This Course Enables Learners to:

  • Understand APIs conceptually.
  • Understand what is going on under the hood of APIs.
  • Understand the business utility of APIs.
  • Query publicly available APIs.
  • Integrate APIs into data projects (Alteryx, Python, and PowerBI workflows).


Power BI Update (*Released June 7th)

Course Summary:

Our Power BI courses are being updated to reflect Microsoft’s significant UI update on the platform. As some functions have changed and the locations of certain buttons have been adjusted, we are committed to keeping our content current. This update ensures your team remains proficient in using Power BI’s latest features and interface.

Why This Update is Important:

Staying updated with the latest Power BI interface changes is crucial for maintaining productivity and efficiency in data analysis tasks. This update will help your team quickly adapt to the new UI, minimizing downtime and maximizing the utility of Power BI.

Update Outcomes:

  • Navigate the updated Power BI interface.
  • Locate and utilize new and relocated functions.
  • Maximize productivity with the latest Power BI features.
  • Maintain proficiency in data analysis tasks.
  • Adapt swiftly to UI changes in Power BI.


In an era where data, technology, and AI are reshaping the business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. Our new and updated courses are designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to drive innovation and efficiency within your organization.

At Kubicle, we are committed to providing high-quality training that empowers your team to harness the full potential of these transformative technologies. Whether it’s mastering advanced AI prompt techniques, integrating APIs into your workflows, or staying up-to-date with the latest Power BI features, we have the expertise to support your journey.

Ready to take your organization to the next level? Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how Kubicle can help you upskill your workforce and achieve your business goals. Let’s unlock the power of data, technology, and AI together.

Contact us now and start your journey towards a smarter, more efficient future.