Why Finance & Accounting Teams Choose Kubicle

Kubicle works with accountants, finance teams and professional service providers across the world to train employees in the core tools and skills needed to succeed in today’s data-rich environment. . By applying Kubicle’s training solution, enterprises are able to:

Ramp-up graduates and new hires with structured pre-training

Close skills gaps and standardize capabilities across teams

Boost accuracy and reduce costly calculation errors

Adopt new analytics software confidently with relevant training

Drive deeper insights, improved decisions and better results

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Top Subjects for Finance & Accounting

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Structure your L&D program
for real training ROI

Kubicle enables you to segment teams into groups and assign timed semesters based on training needs, so learners can focus on the skills that matter to your organization.

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Find employee skill gaps
with automated questionnaires

Assign questionnaires to your teams to gauge their proficiency and identify gaps in their data skills. Generate focused training recommendations based on results.

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Certify your learners
in the latest data skills

Ensure your workforce is up-to-date with globally recognized Kubicle certificates that demonstrate proficiency and add value to your L&D program.

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Measure learning outcomes
with reports and analytics

Help learners stay on track with progress and activity reports that continuously encourage learners to meet their learning objectives.

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Get dedicated support
from our customer success team

Kubicle’s customer success team will help you plan and manage an effective training program and ensuring learners stay on track.

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