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Excel Essentials

Text, Time & Dates

Each piece of data you use is categorized by type. Excel uses these types to analyze your data and return impactful insights. In this course, you’ll learn how to manipulate text, time and date types, allowing you mine the most important valuable information from your dataset.

Intermediate        15 Lessons        150 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

To make the most out of the data you have, you’ll need to understand how Excel interprets and stores data.

In this course, you’ll explore how Excel deals with text, time and date data types, and how to manipulate each to fit your analysis needs.

By the time you’ve completed these 15 lessons, you’ll be able to clean, chop, combine, split and convert data, expanding your interpretation capabilities significantly.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how Excel interprets text, dates, and times
  • Adjust the letter case of text
  • Combine and split strings of text
  • Search for specific strings of text
  • Convert dates between text and Date values
  • Add and subtract combine dates and times
  • Compile totals by day or by week
  • Analyze data within specified time intervals
  • Organize a spreadsheet and its data


1. How Excel Deals with Text, Dates, and Times
2. Change the Letter Case of Words
3. Combine Strings of Text
4. Chop Lines of Text Part 1
5. Chop Lines of Text Part 2
6. Search for Text in a Dataset

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7. Split Address Field into Multiple Columns
8. Convert Dates from Text into Values
9. Add and Subtract Dates
10. Compile Weekly Totals
11. Analyze Data by Day of the Week
12. Combine Dates and Times
13. Add and Subtract Times Part 1
14. Add and Subtract Times Part 2
15. Analyze Data Within Time Intervals
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When you earn internationally-recognized certificates, you increase confidence. And when you enhance your ability, speed and accuracy, you increase your employability.

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