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Data Manipulation

Finding and Replacing Data

As your data analysis projects grow in complexity, you will find the basic formula and formatting tools are not always sufficient. This course introduces you to some of Alteryx’s more advanced techniques for manipulating and parsing data, exploring how concepts like Fuzzy Matches and Regular Expressions can be applied to perform robust analysis of your dataset.

Intermediate        11 Lessons        120 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

By now, you will have a firm grasp of Alteryx’s basic data manipulation tools. This course lets you take the next step with an exploration of its more advanced functionality.

You will transform specific fields using the find and replace tool. You’ll learn about fuzzy matches and how they can match records with ambiguous data points. You will also use the powerful RegEx feature to perform advanced data parsing.

By the end of this course, you will have experimented with some of Alteryx’s most powerful and versatile techniques for manipulating data. You will be ready to combine these techniques with basic formula tools to truly get the most out of your workflows.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Find and replace data using reference data
  • Match ambiguous text entries (e.g. ABC & ABC Inc)
  • Use RegEx to perform advanced text parsing


1. Finding and Replacing Data
2. Preparing Data for a Fuzzy Match
3. Configuring the Fuzzy Match Tool
4. Running our First Fuzzy Match
5. Refining the Fuzzy Match
6. Finalizing the Fuzzy Match

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7. Fuzzy Match Review
8. Introduction to Regular Expressions
9. Dissecting a Regular Expression
10. Using the RegEx Tool
11. Other RegEx Outputs
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