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Reading and Understanding Financial Statements

Analyzing the Income Statement

Reading and understanding financial statements is one thing, however, the next step towards financial literacy is being able to analyze these statements. In this course you will take a deep dive into the income statement analyzing it line by line, exploring its components in depth and unpacking some of the concepts contained within.

Beginner        8 Lessons        60 Minutes        CPD Credits
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About This Course

You may be familiar with the basic components of an income statement. In this course, by examining a case study statement, you will perform a more in-depth line-by-line analysis.

You’ll work your way down the statement, performing the necessary calculations for reaching the bottom line. You’ll perform vertical and horizontal analysis and explore powerful tools in the form of financial ratios. Finally, you’ll examine the income statement’s relationship with other statements.

By the end of this course, you will be fully equipped to not only read and understand but also to perform financial analysis using a company’s income statement.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Recap the core structure of the income statement
  • Perform vertical and horizontal analysis on the income statement
  • Perform ratio analysis on the income statement
  • Explore the degree to which the income statement and other statements are interconnected


1. Course Overview
2. The Income Statement
3. Revenue, Gross Profit and Gross Margin
4. Operating Expenses and Operating Income
5. Other Income, Taxes and The Bottom Line
6. Vertical and Horizontal Analysis

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7. Financial Ratios and the Income Statement
8. Income Statement Interconnectivity
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