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3 Step Guide: Get US Census Data into Power BI

Integrating public data into your analysis can provide powerful insights. However this task rarely comes easily, as public data tends to come in an awkward format or a different format to the one you prefer to work with. We’ll show you how to do this in 3 steps Download a dataset on commuting patterns from […]

How to Make the Most of Public Data For Your Business

By now, almost every business around has figured out that data and analytics represent a big opportunity to generate compelling insights into the company, and thereby improve outcomes. However, some businesses put themselves at risk when they fail to ask where that data should come from.

First Steps in Alteyrx: How to Import Your Data

A lot of your work with Alteryx will involve using and manipulating a wide variety of data sources. One of the strengths of Alteryx is that you can import data from many different sources into it, from databases to Excel files and many more.

What Is the Difference Between Excel and Power BI?

For many years, Excel has been the most widely used data analysis software for most businesses. However, in recent years, you may have become aware of Power BI, which is another newer Microsoft product. You might feel that Microsoft is nudging people towards Power BI and wondering is it right for you. In this post […]

How Do Outer Joins Work in Alteryx?

In a previous post, we saw how the Join tool in Alteryx merges two tables into one. However, maybe you want to combine all the data from one of the input tables with the data in the inner join. An outer join lets you do this.

Tableau and Power BI: What’s the Difference?

Tableau and Power BI are probably the two best-known products when it comes to self-service business intelligence and visualization tools. Although there are many similarities between the two products, there are also a number of differences. Deciding which is the right product is not easy, and it’ll depend on the situation you find yourself in. […]

How Public Data Can Be Valuable to Your Businesses

We all know how important data is becoming to modern businesses. The amount of data floating around in modern companies is such that a wide range of insights can be gained just by analyzing the data present within your company. However, what you could more easily overlook is the value of external, public data to […]

How to Combine Multiple Tables Horizontally in Alteryx

Joining tables together is a common task in Alteryx. In this post, we’ll discuss how to combine tables horizontally using the Join tool. The Join tool is used to combine tables which are linked by a common field. It is slightly more complex than the Union tool that we saw in a previous post, but […]

The Best Publicly Available Data for Business

In most countries, increasing quantities of public data are being made available, particularly by public organisations. This data can be useful to many businesses, as it can be combined with your own information to improve the quality of your analytics. This post will identify a few of the most useful public data sources fro businesses.

How to Combine Multiple Tables Vertically in Alteryx

One of the most common activities in Alteryx is combining datasets together. In the business world, the data you want to analyse usually comes from more than one source, and you’ll want to combine them to find the insights you need.

What is the Difference Between Alteryx and Tableau?

Alteryx and Tableau are two of the best known software products in the world of analytics. Both are used in many companies to obtain valuable insights from data. But what role does each of these products play in an organisation? Do the two products compete with each other or complement each other? And should you […]