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How Public Data Can Be Valuable to Your Businesses

We all know how important data is becoming to modern businesses. The amount of data floating around in modern companies is such that a wide range of insights can be gained just by analyzing the data present within your company. However, what you could more easily overlook is the value of external, public data to […]

How to Combine Multiple Tables Horizontally in Alteryx

Joining tables together is a common task in Alteryx. In this post, we’ll discuss how to combine tables horizontally using the Join tool. The Join tool is used to combine tables which are linked by a common field. It is slightly more complex than the Union tool that we saw in a previous post, but […]

The Best Publicly Available Data for Business

In most countries, increasing quantities of public data are being made available, particularly by public organisations. This data can be useful to many businesses, as it can be combined with your own information to improve the quality of your analytics. This post will identify a few of the most useful public data sources fro businesses.

How to Combine Multiple Tables Vertically in Alteryx

One of the most common activities in Alteryx is combining datasets together. In the business world, the data you want to analyse usually comes from more than one source, and you’ll want to combine them to find the insights you need.

Essential Key Metrics from a Leveraged Buyout

After creating any sort of financial model, you’ll usually want to create some ratios or other metrics that analyse the figures you’ve produced. This is no different when modelling a leveraged buyout, or LBO. In a leveraged buyout, a company will usually acquire a large amount of debt after being bought by another company. It’s […]

What is the Difference Between Alteryx and Tableau?

Alteryx and Tableau are two of the best known software products in the world of analytics. Both are used in many companies to obtain valuable insights from data. But what role does each of these products play in an organisation? Do the two products compete with each other or complement each other? And should you […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Online Learning

Online learning has come of age and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Having a virtual classroom at your fingertips is often ideal for those with busy lifestyles, and a study by Learning House in 2015 shows that 78% of online learning students think their experience was of better or equal quality to previous classroom learning […]

How To Project Cash Flows After a Leveraged Buyout

Cash flows after a leveraged buyout can suffer as a result of taking on debt, the standard practice in the leveraged buyout (LBO) process. For the LBO to work, it’s essential that the acquired company can afford the debt repayments that arise as a result of the transaction. This requires the company to have sufficient […]

When Designing Dashboards, Less Is More

Over the first four posts in this series, we’ve learned how to select charts, how to lay out a dashboard using those charts, and how to maximize the impact of these charts. In this final post in our series, we’ll look at a couple of simple, but important tips for improving the effectiveness of dashboards.

How to Build the Debt Schedule for a Leveraged Buyout

In a leveraged buyout using debt, one company purchases another using a significant amount of borrowed money to meet the cost of the acquisition. As a result, it is critically important that the company being acquired can afford to repay this debt in the future. Creating a debt schedule is therefore of vital importance when […]

5 Ways You Can Maximize the Impact of Your Charts

Over a number of previous posts (here, here and here), we have learned about business dashboards in detail. We have learned how to select the right charts to add to the dashboard, and we have learned how best to create the dashboard once you have selected the charts. What we have not yet covered is […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of HR Analytics

Nowadays, we’re all probably desensitized to being spied on. Social networks store enormous amounts of data on us, generating light and heat online but nothing more. State sponsored surveillance, in the guise of “security” elicits little more than a shrug these days. Perhaps it’s down to the relative anonymity, the fact that we’re part of […]