Author: Jane Quinn Saiz

5 Ways to Make the Most of Online Learning

Online learning has come of age and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Having a virtual classroom at your fingertips is often ideal for those with busy lifestyles, and a study by Learning House in 2015 shows that 78% of online learning students think their experience was of better or equal quality to previous classroom learning […]

What Makes a Good Manager?

‘Manager.’ It’s an important role.  Some people think being manager means you are the boss, but in fact what you are, for all intents and purposes, is an enabler; your job is to enable your team to do their job to the best of their ability. A recent Gallup study has shown that managers account […]

How The Kirkpatrick Model Can Help You Evaluate Workplace Training Programs

Training your team is an investment. It costs time, energy and money to teach a workforce a new skill. It is therefore important that companies be able to identify how effective training has been, so that its value can be quantified. Thankfully, there is a method that can be used to calculate the effectiveness of the […]

10 Ways To Be A Terrible Leader

So you want to be a terrible leader? You might think it looks easy (and you would be right), but even “pretty bad” leaders can benefit from some tips and tricks to achieve their full potential. By following these simple guidelines you too can inspire total apathy and foster a depressing and unproductive work environment. 

7 Ways to Make a Business Case for e-Learning

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that the managers who were most successful in implementing e-learning had a few common characteristics. One characteristic was that they understood the importance of the dynamics of effective implementation. This knowledge enabled them to not just deliver results but also allowed them to deliver the case for the […]

5 Ways To Encourage Learning in the Workplace

“A company’s ability to innovate, improve, and learn ties directly to the company’s value” – David P. Norton and Robert S. Kaplan Learning in the workplace is beneficial to both employees and employers. Most successful businesses will recognize that highly skilled workers are invaluable, and that keeping employees up-to-date on their training keeps the business […]

Boost your Productivity and Reduce Stress with Google Calendar

“Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.” – Mason Cooley If you have ever struggled with productivity, then I’m sure that at some point you have spent valuable time kicking yourself for failing to make the most of your work day. I’m sure you have heard it before in multiple different ways, from multiple different […]